“It’s our mission to advance 
economic and social prosperity
within the restaurant industry"


RISE HOSPITALITY is a curated platform designed to empower restaurant professionals and enhance the value of our organizations. We believe that hospitality is a powerful business strategy. The core principle is simple: long term productivity is realized by investing in a healthy business ecosystem. By providing our workforce with opportunities for applied education, professional development, and wellness; we leverage the virtues of hospitality to access the latent potential of our most valuable asset; people.

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It all starts with people — our strategic
approach focuses on investing in the virtues
of education, wellness, and business acumen
to build a healthier restaurant ecosystem.

We are committed to showing businesses and
people how they can achieve exceptional
operational and financial performance by
investing in these hospitality business virtues,
or as we call it, hospitality capital.

From real estate to HR to wine service, we
provide actionable strategies, host discussions
with industry leaders, and recommend best
practice for all levels of the industry.

We are born from the values and practice of
the restaurant industry, but our methods can
be applied universally to help all businesses
unlock performance capabilities.