Why we exist..

It is time for the restaurant industry to raise the bar professionally.

The restaurant business model is antiquated. Our industry is bound by volatile financial performance and a dysfunctional approach to organizational behavior. The result is a culture that promotes substandard working conditions. We are notorious for low paying jobs and inequity of opportunity. Drug abuse, mental health issues, and harassment are not only rampant, but enabled by restaurant work environments.

The value of a great restaurant is rooted in its people, yet our businesses fail to prioritize their employees. We cannot thrive because we do not have the mechanisms in place to invest in people and in turn, harness the true potential of human capital. There is a deep need for change...



RISE Hospitality is a platform to help lead the modernization of restaurant operations.

Our goal is to threefold:

  • Provide wellness education and treatment to the industry
  • Advance the economic and social prosperity of the restaurant workforce
  • Encourage technological innovation to enable a broad overhaul of the restaurant economic model

These are the essential ingredients to reinvent our business model and build a healthier, more sustainable, and ultimately, more profitable industry for the future.

Together, we will help restaurant owners, employees, and communities rediscovered the value of hospitality.